Vocem Flentium
vocal ensemble

Vocem Flentium, established in 2014, is a professional vocal ensemble dedicated to a rich polyphone tradition. This tradition flourished especially in the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

Vocem Flentium borrowed its name from a passage out of Versa est in Luctum, a death motet by Alonso Lobo (1555-1617). These two words (weeping voices) refer not only to vocal performance, but also to the character of the repertoire.

Because, even though polyphony can sometimes express intense joy and then again deep sorrow, that last sentiment – melancholy – often predominates. No trace of extroverted exuberance, but more of a gentle introspection. Because perhaps, melancholy digs deeper into our soul than uttermost delight.

These sentiments are translated into music by the bared voices of Vocem Flentium. They are tender and powerful at the same time. Apart from professional singers, this ensemble consists also of a visual artist, who seeks the same purity through images.

Polyphony music is pure and balanced. Through a play between thesis and antithesis, its music directs singers to a synthesis. Searching for that focal point, when all voices suddenly come together in a harmonious way, is the most natural way of approaching this music.

Vocem Flentium performs out of the conviction that music is boundless and that it will overcome the darkness, of which it sings, in the end.

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Musica capitur omne quod vivit si naturam sequitur